// 四级写作范文 //

篇1: 收入差距





  Now the income gap is getting wider and wider. In some privately owned firms, joint-ventures, or foreign-fund companies, an executive's yearly income is ten times or even a hundred times as much as an ordinary worker's.

  Faced with this situation, people will undoubtedly have different opinions. Some believe that it benefits the social and economic development since driving force is often derived from the gap. In other words, the gap inspires people and gives a push to advancement. Others speak of its side effect: income gap is often the root of social unrest and also contrary to our country's principle.

  From my point of view, while it is true that the income gap may stimulate the social development to some extent, it causes trouble as well. An income gap that is too wide for most people to bear can neither contribute to the stability of a country nor promote its economic development. Therefore, while we are advocating the rapid development of our country, we should tolerate the narrow income gap but narrow the wide one.

篇2: 绿色食品


  Write a composition entitled Popularity of Green Food.You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chiness.





Popularity of Green Food

  Due to its high-quality and original tastes, green food appeals to more consumers. From supermmarkets to chain stores, green food is found everywhere.

  Why is green food so popular even though its price is usually higher than other food? On the one hand, recently a series of issues on food safety makes customers disturbed and anxious. In order to have the reliable food, more housewives opt to select green food for their family. Green food has been labeled as a kind of healthy, delicious and fashionable food. This is perhaps the most important reason for the popularity of green food. On the other haod, with the advance in living standard, people will pay more attention to the quality of food and their raised income is enough to cover the expenditure of food with a comparatively high price.

  With the development of the society, green food is certainly to hold a larger portion in the market. In the near future, people will be accustomed to enjoy the fresh vegetable, fruits and cereals without pesticide residues, artificial feed and contarnination.



Wechat Conquers the World

  Since the policy of Reform and Open in the last century, Chinese economy develops so rapidly. At the same time, the technology catches up with the world. The popular social communicational tool Wechat was created in China, but now it conquers the world and people is crazy about it.

  The reason why people like to use Wechat is that the functions are all-sided. Before Wechat, the most popular social communicational tool like facebook though is creative, it has to download another software to better communication. While for Wechat, everything is simple, you don’t need to download another software. What’s more, you can pay and have the webcam with your friends. The comment that your friends give to you is more private, only the common friends can share. As it is so convenient, people say that they can do everything with a smart phone at hand.

  Technology changes our life and people’s need promotes the improvement of technology. We use our wisdom and create the new things. We should be proud of us and show to the world that Chinese people are creative.

篇4: 教育不公平


  1. 近年来出现一些教育不公平的现象

  2. 出现这些现象的原因和后果

  3. 为了改变这种状况,我认为……


 Equality of Education Opportunity

  In recent years the problems which are caused by the inequality of education opportunity have attracted the public's attention. For instance, the backward teaching facilities and dilapidated school buildings in rural areas are in sharp contrast to those advanced facilities and well-equipped classrooms in urban areas, students from poor families cannot go to universities because of the high tuition.

  There are several factors which contribute lo these problems. First, the distribution of resources is unbalanced between rural and urban schools. Second, educational loans for poor students are far from enough. Third, the inequality in some schools' admission policies also turns many students away. The education inequality can result in many bad impacts. On one hand, it can affect people’s future employment. On the other hand,it is the root of many social problems.

  To change this situation, I think, we should take the following measures. Firstly, the government's spending on education should be increased and the allocation of public resources gives priority to rural and weak urban schools. Secondly, the implementation of the government financial aid system for students should be accelerated. Thirdly, the government should speed up education reforms to ensure everyone has equal access to schools.

篇5: 永不言弃

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic Do We Need “Never give up”? You should write at least 150 words following the outline given below in Chinese:

  1. “永不言弃”一直被认为是一种积极的生活态度,是个人成功的关键因素

  2. 但是,也有人认为适当的放弃才是明智的选择

  3. 你对此的看法及理由


  Do We Need “Never give up”?

  It is widely accepted that “Never give up”, a strong and positive life attitude, is the key for individual success on the grounds that permanent persistence may boost our confidence, strengthen our will, and provide us a second chance for success when we are in hardship. However, others argue that sensible abandonment is more precious than blind persistence because the wise one should choose the most suitable area for himself/herself.

  In my opinion, we need to learn to give up timely. The most immediate reason is that we should adjust our aim carefully in order to go ahead continuously. Sometimes, to give up those unrealistic targets is essential for success. Besides, the attitude “Never give up” exhausts us both mentally and physically. Only through learning to give up can we lead a pleasant and relaxing life. Finally, the temporary comprise means a new start, a beginning bringing new hopes, expectations and opportunities for us.

  Passive as giving up sounds alike, it represents a more mature and realistic mentality. If those opposing this attitude can take into consideration of its benefits, then this may seem acceptable in our lives.

篇6: 支教

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Aid Education in China. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

  Aid Education in China

  1. 支教的现象

  2. 支教的意义

  3. 你的观点


  Aid Education in China

  There has been a hot topic recently about college students’ being encouraged to help children in the poor and remote areas.

  Generally aid-education is helpful in two aspects. First of all, it can broaden volunteers’ horizons in poverty-stricken regions. For instance, it is a golden opportunity for volunteers to experience a completely different life. In addition, college students have to adapt themselves to the harsh living conditions, meanwhile they can make friends with the children.

  In my view, the future of China’s education depends on the joint efforts of the society, the government and all the citizens. To sum up, we college students should take the initiative in response to the appeal for supplying help to children in poor regions





篇7: 亚健康

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic How to Deal with Sub-health? You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

1. 随着现代化的不断加速发展,全世界的物质生活水平不断攀升,但人们却日益受到“亚健康”这种不良状态的威胁

2. 亚健康的具体表现及在我国的蔓延程度(据调查,北京 75%、上海72%、广州70%的上班族都处于亚健康状态)

3. 在现代社会中应怎样解决亚健康问题


 How to Deal with Sub-health

  With the modernization of the world, people’s standard of living has improved a lot. Then there appears a state of sub-health among people which poses a new threat to them.

  There are some typical symptoms for people who are in a state of sub-health. First of all, those who suffer from it often have a headache or backache. Secondly, they feel like having a rest frequently. What upsets us most is that, the situation is spreading countrywide. As a result, more and more workers in big cities are harassed by it, with a percentage of 75 in Beijing, 72 in Shanghai and 70 in Guangzhou respectively.

  Then how can we solve this problem effectively? Experts suggest that the best way to keep ourselves healthy is to do exercises. It is also very important that people should form a good living habit, for example, getting up early and going to sleep early. Only doing so can we keep us healthy.

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