PEP英语八年级上Unit2知识点:although/ though的用法




although/ though 的用法


1. although与though均意为"虽然,尽管",且不与 but 连用,但可与 yet, while 连用;

2. although比though语气更强,而though在句中位置更灵活。

3. although/ though= even if

=even though

PEP英语八年级上Unit2知识点:although/ though的用法


1. Although she doesn’t know me well, I will try my best to help her.

=She doesn't know me well, ______I’m______to try my best to help her.

2. It seems to be rainy, but we’ll still take a school trip.

=_____it seems to be rainy, _____we'll still take a school trip.

3. I’ll finish my homework_____there's much difficulty.

A. however

B. although

C. because

4. _____the storm is coming,_____we needn’t worry about it.

A. Although,but

B. Although,/

C. Though,but

5. The wind is so strong. The house won’t fall down,_____.

A. although

B. too

C. though

6. ________ Lily is only seven years old, _______she can take care of herself well.

A. Although; but

B. Although; /

C. /; though

7. Lucy is always working in her room, ________ she is very tired.

A. if

B. although

C. since


  1. but, going
  2. Although/ though, yet/ while
  3. B
  4. B
  5. C
  6. B
  7. B
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