「CET-情景作文」The Importance of Friendship

The Importance of Friendship

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic: The Importance of Friendship. You should write at least 120 words. And your composition should be based on the following information:



The Importance of Friendship

Friends are very important for us, and I deeply realize① the importance of friendship.

It was really not easy for me—one from a poor county, to enter Central China Normal University. And I owe my success to② the joint③ efforts of my teachers, my friends and me. Here, I want to show you how my dear friends—my old classmates, helped me to overcome all my difficulties in life and study and then to achieve my goal in the end.

One day at the beginning of the last term in senior middle school, I suddenly had a high temperature. It was already eleven o’clock at night, my roommates were in sound sleep. I didn’t want to interrupt them. But I was very serious and out of breath. Suddenly, WANG Xiuming, one of my best friends, woke up and looked after me carefully, trying to comfort me. Several minutes later, the rest were all waken up, and they helped me go to the nearby hospital. The doctor told me that if I had reached the hospital half an hour later, I would have lost my life. Throughout the whole night, my friends took good care of me. The next day, my temperature fell down, but I still had a bad stomachache, so I had to stay in hospital for a week. I felt very depressed and helpless because my family was very poor and my parents couldn’t pay the hospital. Then, my friends all lent me a hand. Not only did they pay the bill for me, but they also looked after me very well. One of them helped me buy food, one helped me do washing, one helped me with hot water, and one helped me with my lessons so that I wouldn’t fall behind others in study. A week later, I was well again and could come back to class.

This is a real story of my life. From this and some other stories, I learn that friendship is a vital④ part of our life. I will remember forever what my friends have done for me. What’s more, I will try my best to help others whenever and wherever possible.

(曾桂花 生命科学学院2003级)



②owe … to:把……归功于……





全文采用举例说明法围绕 “友谊的重要性” 这个中心思想展开。


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