disagree with 不同意 not only…but also 不仅...而且 hundreds of 数百 with the help of 与帮助

guarantee 保证 neither…nor 既不...也不 be different from 有所不同 mean to do 打算 做

succeed in doing sth 成功地做某事 . take away 带走 consist of 包括

offer sth. to sb. (offer sb. sth.) to 提供某物。某人/(提供某人。事物。)要

practice doing 实践做 depend on 依靠 instead of 而不是 look for 寻找

make a mistake (make mistakes) 犯了一个错误(犯错误) be willing to 愿意 information 信息

be interested in sth. (in doing sth.) 感兴趣的事物。 (在做某事。) in order to 为了

on the other hand 另一方面 (might) do well to do sth. (可能)做好做某事。

be/feel sure of sth. 是/某物感觉肯定。 attract attention 吸引注意力 lead…with…

for the most part 大部分 due persuade sb. to do sth. 由于说服某人。做某事。

similar to sth 类似的事物 furniture clothing 家具服装 be charged to available 现有收费

in addition to 除了 put out 扑灭 raise/rise 提高/升 be characteristic of 是特征

spend on sth./in doing sth. 对某事物花/在做某事。 catch the eye 醒目

tend to (do sth) 会(做某事) no more than 不超过 identify…with 确定...随着

carry over 结转 as well as 以及 put up with 容忍 be responsible for 负责

decide on 决定 reach 到达 make an estimate of 作出估计 approve 批准

be involved in doing sth. 参与做某事。

separate…from remain 从保持独立... keep from doing sth 继续...从做某事。 .

more exactly 更确切地说 make sb. do sth 使某人。做某事。 . keep tied to 继续绑

as…as except for 除了 between…and ..与 while 而 few/a few 而

keep in (one’s) mind 在保留...(一)的心灵 hung 挂起

It takes sb. how much time to do sth. 这需要某人。多少时间做某事。 light up 点亮 dry up 干涸

speak of 讲 on an/the average 平均 just like/ just as little/a little 就像/只少/一点点 nothing but 不过

focus one’s attention on 集中注意力 recall 回想 a number of/ the number of 一个/数数

crew 船员 affect 影响 pile up 堆积 such+(adj.)+n.+that seem to 这样+(形容词)+名词+,似 乎

at a later time 在稍后的时间 make sense 有意义 in contrast 相反 help sb. do sth 帮助某人。做

某事。 . look up 抬头 unable to 无法 make a difference 有影响 allow sb. to do 允许某人做

ability to do 能够做到 both… and 既...和 in order 为了 turn on/off 开启/关闭

random be 随机将 released from 释放 as follows 如下 be rewarded with 被奖励

needless to 不用 say represent 代表说 refer to (doing) 是指(做) to begin 开始

relate… to ...涉及到 sound alike 声音相似 associate with 联想 hold 举行

add to 添加到 striking 引人注目 compare with 比较 integrated 综合

primitive 原始 a great deal 大量 be eager to 渴望 be true with/of 与/真

It was once thought that… 它曾经被认为是... as well 以及 be supposed to… 应该起来..

. engage in 从事 grow up 长大 appear to 看来 supply 供应 as if 仿佛 widespread 广泛

search for 搜索 substitute for 代替 scarcely 几乎没有 as a matter of fact 事实上

to have sth. (nothing) to do with 有某事。 (没有)关系 in some respects 在某些方面

connect with 就可以与 contain 包含 take care of 照顾 think of… 想到...

as by instinct 由本能 It is …that… 这是... ... gather together 聚集

There was no use in doing sth. 有没有做某事的使用。

rare 罕见 slight 轻微 turn aside 转变方向 from be 从被 made of/from 由/从

stomachs 胃 change… into… 改变为... be satisfied with 得到满意 be popular with 受欢迎的

take place 发生 run out 用完 fail to do 做不到 handfuls of 成捧的 lie in 在于 sort out 整

one fourth form 四分之一的形式 somewhat 有些 blast 爆破 be classed 被归类 as crush 粉碎

flow 流 the former…, 前者... the latter… 后者.. coated with 涂 hold good 靠得住 stick to 坚持

live on 住在 leave behind 留下 take in 参加 impressive 令人印象深刻 experienced 经历

suck up 吸取 It is well known that… 众所周知,这是... take up 留下

descend 降落 common 常见的 provide for 为 and so on 等 in addition 除了 far away from 远离

make decision 作出决定 therefore 因此, share…with 与分享... similarity/similarly 相似/

同样。 give up 放弃 care for 照顾 dependent/independent 依赖/独立 earn money 赚钱 be busy

doing 忙着做 split up 分裂 in conclusion 在结束 get divorced 离婚 talk of 谈

at the beginning of 在开始的 be forced to do 不得不做 establish 建立 protect…from 保护... pick

up 拾取 rest upon 休息后 be capable of 是能够 gaze at 凝视 display 显示 thorough cause 彻底

的原因 have access to 访问 in the meantime 在此期间 follow instruction 按照指令 pay

attention to 注意 at the same time 在同一时间 It is time to do 现在是时候做 risk 风险 pay

for 支付 isolate…from… 从... ...分离 contact 接触 harm 危害 prevent…from… 防止从... ...

lead to 导致 make up 弥补 build up 建立 familiar with 熟悉 come across 遇到 even if 即

使 interrupt process 中断进程 concern 关注 after all 毕竟 stock in 股票 trade intend 贸

易打算 belong to 属于 at large 在大 begin with 首先 seldom 很少 specific 具体 be

known to 知道 at least 至少 occasion 场合 consult 咨询 acquaintance with 相识 go

through 经过 feel sure 确信 come up with 想出 long before 很久以前 provide 提供 somebody

with 人之道还治 ease 缓解

must have done 必须这样做 apply to 适用于 come up 想出 as to 以 avoid 避免

as a whole 作为一个整体 be due to 是由于 rather than 而不是 actual needs 实际需要

wonder 奇迹 arouse 唤起 procedure 程序 answer to 答案 obtain lay 获得奠定 aside 除了

only if 只有 seek 寻求 curious 好奇 arise 出现 take apart 拆开 a variety of 各种各样的

combine…with 与...结合。 result from 结果从 carry out 开展 bring about 实现 quality 质量

stimulate 刺激 advance 推进 as much as 高达 possible 可能 believe in 相信 occasionally 在偶

accumulate 累积 point of 点 view 查看 in need of 在需要 regardless of 无论 carry out 开展

face the fact 面对这样一个事实 turn out (to be) 转出(是) solution to 解决 confidence 信心

modify 修改 in advance 提前 check with 查询 adapt…to 要适应... make up one’s mind 拿主意

under control(/condition) 控制(/条件) once and 一次, for all 所有 in the light of 本着

respect for 尊重 laugh at 笑 be based on 根据

sort 排序 through 通过 urge 督促 Practically 几乎 get rid of 摆脱 for sale 出售

set out 载 without 无 question 问题 put up 张贴 range 范围 from…to… 从...到..

living costs 生活费用 specialize in 专门从事 be priced 售价 at… cost 在成本...

at… price 价格在... original 原 deliver 交付 quantity 数量 all ages 所有年龄

be likely to 有可能 be fed up with 厌 refer to…as 作为参考... turn (somebody) off 转(某人)下

no longer 不再 run across 跑过 be known for 闻名 be bound to 势必 keep flavor 保持风味

be faced with 面临

It is widely believed that… 人们普遍认为... emphasis on 强调 in matters of 事项

in all quarters of 各方面的 get into 进入 have sb. do 有某人。做 be regarded as 被视为

to cue in 对线索中 bring up 造就 keep up with 跟上 peculiar 奇特 concentrate on 集中

along with 随着 the more… 更多... , the less… 更少 occupy decade(s) 更多... be aware of 知道

according to 根据 skip 跳过 over to 到 the best of 最好的 overall 整体 guide 指南

slow down 减缓 register 登记 key to 关键 be alert to 要警惕

consumer 消费者 disturb 打扰 rule out 排除 enjoy doing 喜欢做 coincidence 巧合 worth

值得 be on guard 警惕 respond to 回应 at best 充其量 in terms of 在以下方面 in effect 有效

whether or not 有效 remind sb. that (of) 提醒某人。这(对) be conscious of 察觉 occur

出现 go down 下降 would rather 宁愿 convert…into… 转换成..... look… in 看看...在 the

face 面对

deal with 处理 go away 离开

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